“I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai

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Malala has focused on her speech speaking up for young girls that should have quality education in Pakistan. However, the Taliban most likely kill young girls for receiving an education and therefore, destroy schools. Malala wants the people to speak up and stand up for their rights to have an education so they can achieve their goals and have a better life in the future, including other countries. Although Malala gave out her speech and send her message throughout the world that the government and politics cannot change the world, people do in fact can change the world when they come together.

The Prologue

After Malala was shot, she was removed from Pakistan and had to live in a different country. A whole new life in the United Kingdom, where there are roads, traffic, buildings, and people, unlike her old home country where there are only valley’s, mountains, and villages.

Before the Taliban

When a Pashtun daughter is born in Pakistan, she is to be hidden behind curtains until she weds a man picked out by the family. In that marriage, she is expected to give birth and to take care of the household. The Pashtun have a code that is to give hospitality to all guests, the Pashtunwali code. When Malala was born, she was named after a great heroine of Afghanistan named Malalai who fought bravely against the British in 1880 and inspired the Afghan army. Malala described her home valley Swat (Mingora), a heavenly kingdom paradise in the beautiful mountains, what makes the valley very appealing.

Malala’s parents are not like most parents in Pakistan because they give their daughter the freedom to go to school. In fact, her father protects her from anything that may prevent her from her freedom and dreams. When Benazir Bhutto was elected prime minister in Pakistan, people were so optimistic that she would give equal rights to the Pashtun. As Malala and her parents visited their relatives in the village, Malala’s cousins made fun of her because she’s a city girl and has a different accent, using slang for expression. Malala describes herself as a competitive person, as she gets herself involved with school activities.

Because of her perseverance, she’s the top student in her school. Ultimately, Malala began to steal items from Sofina as she had stolen Malala’s toy. Afterwards, Malala admitted to her mother that she had stolen items from Sofina and said to her that she should acknowledge with Sofina that stealing is wrong, even when Sofina started it first. In Malala’s village, she does not cover her face properly like the other Pashtun women, and so, she has a problem following the code to understand the Pashtun value.

A Shadow over Our Valley

When the earthquake occurred in the valley, Mullahs uses the earthquake for the advantage to announce to the people that it’s the wrath of God bringing upon doomsday. After Mullah’s announcement, Fazlullah appeared as he thoroughly exploited ignorance through the radio, as he publicly announces to the people in the valley to give up their daily activities that cause the earthquake, because it’s sinful in the eyes of God. Malala’s mother liked Fazlullah from the beginning, however, she eventually grew tired of Fazlullah due to the Islamic strict laws as he preached saying that women should always stay home and should not go out without a man’s presence.

Even if women do go out on their own, women would most likely be threatened by the Taliban to inform women to stay home. In Islamabad, the Red Mosque, the girls had terrorized the streets, kidnapping women, burning everything down to ashes, additionally, the girls have become suicide bombers. As Malala considers Benazir as her role model, seeing her a symbol of dictatorship to bring a new democracy in Pakistan to abolish the Taliban. After Benazir’s exile and return to Pakistan, the people have gathered to see her with open arms as she set foot in Pakistan for the first time after nine years of exile.

At the time, Malala gave out a quote to the people of Pakistan, “if there is a snake or a lion coming to attack us, what would we say is good, the snake or the lion?” meaning that all people are in the middle of the war between the army and the Taliban. Although, they are most likely to be attacked from both sides. When Malala asked her father if he is scared, albeit he said that every night the fear is strong, moreover, when the sun rises every morning there is courage, however, rid of the valley from the Taliban additionally no longer be in fear of the Taliban.

Finding My Voice

As Malala began to believe her mission in life to start her campaign for education, she spoke out saying every boys and girls should have an equal education, because it’s their right. When Malala met the BBC correspondent, she agreed to write a diary about herself and her home in the Swat that has been occupied and terrorized by the Taliban. Malala called herself Gul Makai, using that name as her pseudonym to conceal her identity, because it was dangerous to use her own name. For that reason, she couldn’t use her real name when she wrote her diary to be published.

There’s a Pashtun saying, “No Pashtun leaves his land of his own sweet will. Either he leaves from poverty or he leaves for love.” Malala and her family had to leave the valley due to the Taliban, who were still in control of the valley. And so, her family were jaded of gun fire, tension, and the brutality that the Taliban had caused. Malala was forced to leave her books and belongings behind, because there was very little to room to pack everything in the Safina family car. On Malala’s birthday, on July 22, there was no celebration, as she only wished that someday her valley would one day be at peace again. After three months away from valley, Malala and her family have returned home, although quite a few things had changed.

The valley is all in ruins, buildings with debris, burning vehicles in the streets, and all the schools with bullet holes. When Malala grew very tired of the Taliban eradications, she now wanted to become a politician, to be a leader and to abolish the Taliban, even though the Taliban are terrorising additionally, creating more crises once again. In 2011, Malala has received a half million rupees as the government awarded her in first ever national peace prize.


As Malala is now known for speaking up opposing the Taliban in Pakistan, the Taliban made a proclamation making threats against her for speaking up opposing them for their terror acts, also promoting western culture in Pashtun. Malala is a target for preaching secularism. It appears that three omens had occurred on the week when Malala was shot in her school bus. First, there were three masked men, second the three have stopped the school bus as they asked for Malala, the final third one of the masked men had a gun down, shooting her three times. After she was shot, she was unconscious when the bullet had gone through her brow. And so, she was taken to a hospital where the neurosurgeon explained to her about her injuries. She was lucky to survive the attack, as the CT scan showed that the bullet barely missed her brains.

A New Life, Far From Home

After Malala had been shot, her father was at a school conference meeting at the Swat Press Club. He apparently received word that his daughter had been shot. Later when Malala’s father was at the hospital, he was irritated that the people were there to see Malala as if they all wanted to watch her die. Theoretically, the Taliban made statement to pose a threat to Malala for speaking against them, and so she became a target. While Malala resides in the hospital, the British doctors’ intention is to move her somewhere more secure to give her better treatment away from the Taliban, as they plotted to attack her again. Afterwards, the British doctors informed Malala’s father to accompany her to England, where she needs to be moved, however, her father insisted that he cannot leave his family behind as he fears the bad outcome that something might happen to his family.

Later, Malala woke up asking where she was and who brought her in the United Kingdom. After she woke up, there were people in the hospital but unfortunately, they were not allowed to tell or bring any news to her and the reason is, they don’t want her to be disturbed. When she woke up in Birmingham, she felt her features were different as she could not speak due to the tube in her neck. Apparently, half of her face is not functioning yet and she cannot see through her left eye. While Malala is in the hospital, she only had one material in her possession to keep; a white teddy bear provided by Dr. Fiona. Soon after, as she got out of the hospital bed to walk, she couldn’t keep her as her legs weren’t functioning properly.

At some time later, her family finally came to see her. Her father was upset to see his daughter, who was unable to smile due to the nerve facial damage the Taliban had caused. On November 10, the day the United Nations declared Malala Day after the shooting incident, Mr. Zardari and Gordon Brown helped Malala’s family who are now officially living in the UK, asked Malala’s father to be in a role in the UN as an advisor. Even though it is an unpaid position, he still agreed to it. Malala has felt that God gave her a second chance in life to live. While her family is now settled in the UK, Malala does notice that her mother is upset and unhappy because misses her home country and her friends.

Malala’s mother does not have any friends yet, which makes her feel lonely. Malala noticed that her father is unhappy as well, as he left everything he created behind back in Pakistan. Back when Malala gave out her speech at the UN, she said that one child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Malala final wish, she said that every boys and girls in the world should all have education.

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