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Adolf Hitler And Nazi Propaganda

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Adolf Hitler And Nazi Propaganda essay
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Hitler was a master of propaganda. He said, “The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” Under Hitler, the Nazis used a broad range of both legal and illegal propaganda techniques. These techniques include placing blame on others (such as the Jews), controlling the media; such as radio, the newspapers, books, film,/theater, music, art, advertisements, posters, and even school textbooks.

Hitler believed that “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Children were introduced to antisemitism at a young age through children’s books, school textbooks, and other forms of literature and imagery designed to deface the Jewish community. Teachers would label Jews as unreliable or inferior, all the while glorifying the Aryan races. Young Nazi children attended youth clubs and camps intended to harden their attitudes towards the Jews. Children were formally taught to hate the Jews at ten years of age, but had no doubt been influenced by the antisemitism presented in the world around them. They spent four years in the Young Folk organization, after which they would attend Hitler Youth camp.

From 1933 to 1939, Nazi officials sought to eliminate Jews from all aspects of public life. Most of these legislative movements were national, however many regional officials decided to implement legislation of their own. They enacted laws that barred Jews from working for the government, restricted the number of Jewish students allowed to attend German educational institutions. In 1938, the Nazi’s started to physically isolate and segregate the Jews from the Germans. They required Jews to carry identification cards, and wear a star of David on their clothing, and a J was placed on their passports.

The Nazis further segregated the Jews by way of the Nuremberg Laws which projected an image of German superiority by stripping Jewish people of voting rights and restricting who they could marry. Regulations enforced excluded Jewish soldiers who died in battle during World War I from being memorialized. Jews were also prevented from reaping the benefits of the German economy by requiring Jews to sell their businesses at well below the value of comparative establishments.

The widespread propaganda techniques employed by the Nazis infiltrated every aspect of society, from movie theaters, to music, art, and even sports. Over the radio, in the papers, on the streets, anti-Jewish attitudes were everywhere. This fostered an atmosphere in which Jews were deliberately excluded from the national community.

Adolf Hitler And Nazi Propaganda essay

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