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Steve Jobs’ Life and Creations

“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” -Steve Jobs. Steve Job’s life shows his childhood, road to success, keeping his success going and how he is remembered after his death. He was a very intelligent man who set himself up for success in…


Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have both functioned as CEO for Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was the co-prematurely deliver of the relationship in the year 1976 and was select as the between time CEO in 1997 and later turned into the pucka CEO in 2000 (Samuels et al., 2016). Tim Cook assumed control as the…


Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs Commencement Speech: Simple Yet Powerful

The name Steve Jobs is one that is recognized by almost anyone, anywhere across the world. Consumers, industrialists, developers, tech enthusiasts, bloggers, and journalists might all see him in a different light but one thing that is undeniably true about Steve Jobs is that he was a powerful speaker and was very persuasive and engaging….


Steve Jobs

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Tim Cook and Steve Jobs as an Effective Business Leaders

Effective business leaders foster tremendous success— they drive companies toward innovation, excellence, and profit through dynamic leadership. Some captains of industry hold special significance for the public in terms of legacy and overall fascination. Current and former Apple chief executives, Tim Cook and John Scully, respectively, both replaced Steve Jobs but only one has been…



Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs the Inventor

Steve Jobs is a famous innovator also known as the inventor of apple. Steve is a very brilliant, sharp man, In 1976, when Jobs was just 21, he and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer in the Jobs’ family garage. They were trying to make the computer more easier to access and create a hand accessible…


Steve Jobs

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