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The Inconceivable Act of Regicide Freed the English to Think Unimaginable Thoughts

The events of January 1649 form a truly revolutionary moment in English history. The abolition of monarchy, the termination of the House of Lords, the closely linked disestablishment of the Church of England and of the principle that all Englishmen and women ought to be members of a single national Church eroded the fabric of…




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Freedom, One of the Three Inalienable Rights

Liberty is also mentioned in the preamble of the constitution. “The Framers’ phrased the Preamble that way (“secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity . . .”) to emphasize the importance of the rights both of those who were alive at the time of ratification and future generations” (Pappin,). What liberty protects…





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The Puritan Ideals of Liberty

The desire for liberty was widespread among settlers of the New World. Many groups and people of different backgrounds came to stake their claim and make their way in America over time. Among these groups were the Puritans seeking a refuge from the persecution of the English empire. These Puritans had differing ideas about liberty…





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Liberty Ekomemen

To love something most and to be so good at it, but then have it stripped away from you when you least expect it’s tragic. soccer has been the sport of my choice since I actually have been a little kid. It had been the love of my life. I treasured everything about it from…




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Nozick’s Idea of ​​Limiting People’s Freedom to Dispose of Their Income

Robert Nozick essentially is arguing that there cannot be an ideal theory of distributive justice that is based on specific patterns of wealth distribution, and, at the same time, give people liberty over their private property. In order to have distributive justice, according to Nozick, there must be major limitations on people’s liberty to dispose…




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