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Differential Gender Socialization

The concept of differential gender socialization is the process of acquiring a certain set of social expectations based on one’s sex. It also includes learning different attitudes and behavior associated with the person’s gender. The gender socialization is established at birth, escalates during adolescence and contributes towards gender inequality in several factors such as: employment…


Gender Socialization

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Effect of Gender Socialization on Gender Inequality

Being a psychology major I have enrolled in my fair share of social psychology courses. I enrolled in sociology to fulfill my global learning requirement as it seemed to be the most fitting course for my given field. Social psychology is the study of individuals and how they interact with others. Whereas, sociology is the…


Gender Inequality,

Gender Socialization

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Review of Articles about Gender Socialization

Gender sociology is a set of expectations imposed on to men and women, which can be viewed as either a negative or positive aspect of society. These types of expectations can range from appearance to behavior and decision-making. For example, girls are expected to wear dresses and makeup, are envisioned to be caring, and are…


Gender Roles,

Gender Socialization

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