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Essay on History of Corrections

It is true that corrections has vastly grown over the centuries, taking bits and pieces from each era to become what it is today. Because of this, it is important to look back at the history of corrections and understand why certain changes were made or why punishments or laws didn’t work before. Starting during…

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The Conscious Parent: Reflection Paper

The paper will reflect on the book The Conscious Parent, by Shefali Tsabary Ph.D. First, three chapters will be critically and reflectively analyzed through three different viewpoints. To add, my parent’s, a future parent myself, and as a future, Social Worker viewpoints would be examined. In conclusion, The Conscious Parent will be applied to the…

Child Abuse,

Corporal Punishment,

Social Work

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African Life and the Hardships Faced by People 

“Africa is the rhythm of life. Africa is that mighty tree of an ancient origin rooted in mountains of gold and silver. Africa is that mighty stream full of untold number of souls. Africa is that bird. Africa is that quick but mighty bird. Africa is that quiet bird with the voice of thunder. Africa…

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Negative Effect of Corporal Punishment in the Home

The role of a parent is multifaceted. Tasked with taking offspring from infancy to functional independence, a care provider faces an evolving developmental landscape with new challenges during each successive stage. All parents share the same core responsibility of acting as a teacher to their children. As the child gains in motor skills and coordination,…

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Corporal Punishment,


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Spanking as a Corporal Punishment

To argue hitting a child in any context seems absurd. Yet, most Americans today still spank their children. Reports suggest up to 70% today (Sege, Siegal). These American parents think it is an effective and necessary punishment for their child’s growth. But, because spanking is linked to aggression, increased defiance, and lower cognitive development in…

Child Abuse,

Corporal Punishment,


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