Dress Code in Organizations

Updated May 13, 2021

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Dress Code in Organizations essay

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Appropriate clothing is very important in an organization. It poses positive effects on the working environment. Campbellsville University is going to initiate the new policy of having dress code for faculties and staffs of Campbellsville University. This policy has won the majority of two out of three voters. But when a new policy is going to be implemented in an organization it needs cooperation from the each member of the organization.

So it is required to gain the cooperation of the third party to make the change effective throughout the organization. To gain the cooperation of the 3rd party the first thing I would do is to make them understand why this change is important, why the dress code is important for faculties and staffs. I would make them understand how the dress code can affect the learning environment in a positive way. I would suggest them some scholarly articles that make them understand the situation better.

Importance of dress code depends on the type of the business an organization doing. According to Jensen of sozo firm, the relaxation while wearing casual clothes can increase the creativity of the employees. On the other hand, some of the supervisors mentioned; Fridays are little sloppy for some of the organizations because of the employees casual wear. It impacts employees’ attitude towards their job. It can be said, depending on the business of an organization employees’ dress code an affect employees’ attitude towards work.

Campbellsville University is a learning institution. Here formal environment is very important to create and maintain the learning environment. I will make the 3rd party to understand that most of the students here are IT professionals. They are used of being a part of formal environment. If we can provide them a formal environment it will be helpful for them to concentrate on the subject matter.

The policy of having dress code for faculties and staffs got approved. So it is for the better good to work together to make it a successful. We need to make sure all the members are in the same page and they are comfortable with the change. To show the third party that they are important, we can offer them to make design of the dress code for the faculties and staffs. This way they will feel the way they are also involved in the change and they will be more likely to accept the change.


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Dress Code in Organizations essay

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