A Discussion on the Issues of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism in Society

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Drug addiction has been a major social problem in most states of the United States particularly Columbus Ohio area. It is very disturbing that young people between the age 18 and 25 are seriously engaged in drug abuse wrangles all over the world. The major problem dealt with in this research paper is drug addiction and its effects on the victims and the society at large. It is quite vivid that the society needs to rise up and fight against drug abuse and alcoholism especially in young people of the specified age bracket (Langwith, 2007).

The reasons for this to be termed as a social and public problem are very clear as evidenced from the rise in crime rates, school drop outs, sexual harassment among others. For example, in Columbus Ohio, the youths are lost in drugs especially while at school. This comes as a result of school life challenges and peer influence, which stimulate many young people to alcoholism and substance use (Green, 2005). Basically, the drug abuse problem affects both the abusers and the community at large. This is because once the child is affected the parent or the guardian is also affected hence, generating the problem to the entire society thus a societal problem.

Generally, drug abuse has made life hectic and unbearable especially on the fact that young people have lost focus and sense of life. The situation on the ground is completely messed up with because of the impact generated from alcoholism and substance use (Langwith, 2007). However, this problem can only be solved if the society speaks in one voice over the issue by heavily condemning the drug barons and putting punitive measures in place for violators.

  • Private and government sectors

Both the private and public sectors will be the best coalition to enhance and facilitate the well being of the society especially based on the issue of drug abuse. Young people will be given the chance of conveying the message to the rest of the world about substance use and alcoholism. This is because they can easily manipulate and mobilize the target group over the issue. Equally, regional campaigns will be part of the mechanisms put in place to bring the issue on board for the entire society (Frydl, 2013). Civic education will also be helpful in ensuring message delivery and creation of awareness on the side effects of drug abuse and its addiction. To make this a success there must be very important sources of funding and these may include;

  • Non-governmental organizations and other well-wishers

The private sectors will be the best sources of funding for the fight against drug abuse and addiction. Working in coordination with other well-wishers, the anti drugs campaigns will definitely bear fruits as the young generation is rescued from the deadly den of drugs and alcoholism. Specifically, the social problem of drug abuse and alcoholism needs a critical from the following state organs; the state government, non-governmental organizations and the society at large. These the three major bodies to help towards ensuring a drug and alcohol free state.

But with civic education and engagement, long term solutions might be reached at. This will allow more campaigns against the deadly drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Bhang among many more. Creation of awareness will cherish and champion the well being of the society (Verster, 2011). This could be reached at by the government going through schools, colleges, universities and other social gathering in order to reach the target group and the society at large.

In conclusion, drug abuse and alcoholism are the major challenges across the world. Young people have lost taste of life and the probability for them getting back to the right track is zero. The government and the society in general are trying to create a drug free Columbia for the better tomorrow. Unfortunately, these drugs are smuggled into the social places such as schools; whereby students get a chance to land into this deadly den. However, through civic campaigns against drug abuse, the society is getting back to focus following the punitive rules and regulations put in place by the state government of Columbus Ohio. All these will promote and champion the well-being of the generation to come.

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