Health Consequences of Cigarette Use Among Young Argumentative Essay

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How do you feel about teen smoking? Teen smoking is terrible! Teen smoking should be stopped! Why?, you may ask? Well it should be stopped because smoking especially at a young age can affect your looks and personality, it can give teens lung cancer, and they could become easily attached or addicted.

First of all, teen smoking should not continue because it can change and affect their looks as well as their personality. Like for example, you could go from a happy, bubbly, talkative person to a sad, depressed, quiet person. This could affect the teenager’s parents, family, and friends. Also, if they are lacking of school work then it could affect their academics/grades. Teen smoking can also change your looks by giving you bad breath, yellow teeth, poor skin, and so many more other negative effects. Smoking may also lead to the use of alcohol and drugs. Smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and doing many other illegal things is just as bad as just smoking by itself.

Secondly, teens should not be smoking because there is a chance that they could be diagnosed with lung cancer. This is worse because they are still so young. But if they don’t stop then there would be a possibility that they could have lung cancer. The effects/symptoms of having lung cancer is pain in the chest or ribs, coughing (often with blood or phlegm), and weight loss. One more effect of lung cancer is shortness of breath. Having any of these negative effects are awful. Tennagers or anyone should not have to deal with any of these effects.

Now most teens would most likely say that they smoke just for fun or it could relieve stress. That could be true and it could be a stress reliever for most teens. But also if they smoke for too long or if they smoke for years , there are negative outcomes if they continue smoking for years. They could eventually become addicted to smoking and they might never stop if they start smoking at a young age. This could make things a whole lot worse. It could be worse because if they smoke long enough then it could eventually cause gum diseases as well as nicotine messing with your brain. You could also get a heart disease from too much. There are so many more negative that teens could get from smoking.

To sum it all up, my point is that teens should not get ahold of cigarettes or and smoking/vaping device. Their bodies are still growing so they shouldn’t do anything bad to ruin their bodies.


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