President Trump’s Twitter Controversy

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When most people are asked their opinions on President Trump one of many things that are brought up is his Twitter and the many “unethical” tweets he has made. Typically a President may use their social media, such as Twitter, to update the users on accomplishments from them and us as a nation.

Trump may tweet these accomplishments however, he can also be controversial with how he tweets them, and the things he chooses to put out for everyone to see. There are many pros and cons with the way Trump uses his social media. Most of the time he’s is calling out other countries or official people in a very unprofessional way.

This can cause tension and is what makes many people concerned with his use of the app. He has also used Twitter as an outlet for the way he feels about immigration. I assume this issue is most likely one of his biggest concerns with the country, as he expresses it a lot, especially within the app. At the end of the day, Trump’s tweets are a hit or miss and can be extremely unpredictable.

Even though the cons could go on forever there are some pros with the presidents use of Twitter. Trump has used his Twitter to congratulate others for their well-doings, sometimes making it a positive and professional outlet. He has also used it to discuss important matters that us as people should know about.

This isn’t really a very professional way to discuss those types of matters, but it is effective to get the news out there since many of us use social media. Another pro could be notifying us quickly and effectively in a world disaster even though this isn’t very realistic. Most of these can become something very useful in events and some may rely on updates solely from his Twitter.

I personally have a very mixed opinion on President Trump’s use of Twitter. I think some of his tweets are important, however as discussed they can be very unprofessional.

I believe that Trump shouldn’t have direct access to the app, or if he does there needs to be someone to supervise so he doesn’t impulsively post  things that shouldn’t be posted, as he does now. Trump truly has little to no self-control and this has been shown through many tweets. This is a matter that has gotten out of hand many times and someone supervising could be very helpful.

Overall things could be improved to drastically change some people’s opinions on our President. Many have stated their opinion on this matter, and this is mine. All forms of social media can be very effective if used in the correct way because in this generation it is used daily by almost everyone.

Many things can be changed or improved so people can come to their social media for information on politics and the well-being of our country. Trump should be using his platform on the app Twitter to inform us of important events, not for his “personal diary.”

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