My Scholarship Application Essay

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The train started to move, I felt afraid with a small smile on my face. My family and friends are crying. I do not know what will happen to me after 18 hours, but all I know is that it’s my own decision. When I arrived, I was excited, took my breath, and felt that life rewarded me a new Hello. Two years ago, I was head of the Public Relations committee in an extracurricular activity. During this Model, one of my objectives was to empower young leaders in Public Relation. Thus, I gave them training for one month about how to write a proposal, make deals, negotiation, critical thinking, and how to use tools as SWOT analysis. By the end of the project, I got deeply into my Leadership abilities, I discovered my passion, and which field I am talented in. For that, I decided to take a risk. I left my Faculty of Law in Alexandria, where I was a junior, to specialize in the Faculty of Arts, Public Relations Department, in Aswan, as a fresh student. In my first year as a fresh student. I started to face some challenges. These were the weather and different culture shocks. However, I was a volunteer with Syrian refugees who moved from Syria to Egypt, and this experience has given me the strength to be a person who can adapt to different mindsets quickly. In a short time, I expanded my social circle and have networks with my colleagues and roommates.

On the other hand, I participated in some national activities related to my field, such as the Animation workshop at Aswan International Women Film Festival, and Film Directing and Script Masterclass in Luxor City, during the Luxor African Film Festival. While staying in Aswan, I noticed that the students have a few opportunities to learn in different fields and gain experience. I love to leave a print finger where I am. So, I started sharing with colleagues and roommates my thoughts, what I have learned, my mistakes when I was their age, and informed them about exchange programs they can apply for. I am trying to encourage them to take steps and think out of their comfort zone. Finally, In October 2020, the final results of college came out and I ranked as 4th. When I saw the result, I felt a flashback and I was so proud of myself for taking this risk, not only for my academic grades but also for my ability to adapt and influence others in this new community. At the same time, I am a goal-oriented person. When I was visiting many universities and colleges as a part of an Exchange program I have been attending in Georgia, USA, for two weeks, Called “Access pipeline”. I believed in the land of opportunity. So, I made a goal to study in the USA one day.

I am passionate about Public Relations as a career path but the academic education my university provides is a mismatch with what the labor market needs. Being in the USA would help me develop my professional skills by taking specific courses as public relations research, also, build a connection with professors and colleagues. I believe this would help me as I discover my own voice and identity. Indeed, I believe that the exchange experience is not only about academic achievements but also about building new networks. For instance, my adventurous spirit will help me to get fully involved, served on the college campus, and know more about the life perspective by learning about different cultures and new colleagues in their everyday life. Moreover, it encourages me to pass along my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues when I return. The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities. Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program? Word Count: (min: 450\600)

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