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My Mother is My Hero

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My Mother is My Hero essay
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Mom, for starters I want to say how much I love you. I sometimes say it too much, the point where it could lose its meaning, but every time I say it I mean it. You’re my hero. While you may think it does, everything you do does not go unnoticed. You are the reason that I am here today, taking classes at Guilford Technical Community, bettering my education and taking a life-changing humanitarian American women studies class. I cannot just answer the question of what I have learned in this class in a simple sentence, but by explaining the astonishing theories and lessons that I have learned throughout the past semester and show how they will prepare me for life and the things to come that will challenge me.

This class has taught me many things, from flexibility, diverse perspectives, and insight. I gained an in-depth understanding of the way in which gender plays a significant role in the lives of women and men. I examined the cultural and social framework of gender explored the records of American women and learned the significance of sexuality on the experiences of both women and men. I gained insight from having the ability to use analytical thinking toward the influence of sexuality that can be used in building communities and volunteering.

Mom, this class is valuable to me because it has had a profound impact on my life by providing me with a means of understanding my experiences as a women in society. Women’s Studies not only focused on the issues such as domestic violence, prejudice in the workplace, and gender inequalities in the distribution of labor at home. But also gave me a framework for recognizing the root cause of the experiences, which was the first step for making a genuine life for me and particularly women and men. I learned how to make a commitment to make the lives of women, men and children better, being there for victims of domestic violence, working different emergency hotlines, and other social service projects.

Also, in many college classes, a frequently question asked is “When am I ever going to use this again?”But, what’s valuable about this class is that the answer to that often posed question is that it will always be important and practical. Merely as you would take a Biology or Economics course to aid you in understand the living or financial atmosphere encompassing you, women’s and gender studies provide you with the means to understand the specific and absolute roles that gender represents in everyone’s world every day. By examining the complexities of gender—from history, philosophy, and modern events—we begin to recognize gender’s important influence and its inherently unreliable nature. These courses lure gender out; name it; examine it; and, most importantly, inspire people to question what they thought they knew.

This class has offered me a unique set of skills that I have learned through this women’s gender studies class. I learned empowerment, self-confidence, critical thinking, building communities, and understanding differences and intersections among racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism and other types of abuse. I will take with me into the surrounding world the insight into topics and significant issues for others who care about diversity, humanity, society and the world. When you take a class in Women’s Studies, you study politics, philosophy, composition, history, sociology, and psychology, all with a feminist aspect. You learn and ask questions that no one’s ever questioned you with before: How have women been portrayed in the media and religion? In what ways do gender stereotypes influence politics and literature? How does our society compare to others in its treatment of women?

Mom, my best friend, and my rock in hard times; I hope that after reading this reflection letter, you realize that as a person I have grown so much, through insight and culture. That I have become aware of all the injustices that both women and men face in this cruel world that people try to hide because if they name their actions, they apprehend that what they are doing is wrong in nature. I am so fortunate to have had to opportunity to take this class and learn about Women’s Studies theories and concepts that I had previously been entirely unaware of due to those topics not being discussed in regular schooling. I have matured as a person and cannot wait to put these things I have discovered in this class and practice it in real life situations.

My Mother is My Hero essay

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