My Job Research Report

  • Updated October 12, 2022
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The first job that I found was on https://www.indeed.com, as an Automation Technician for Workhorse Automation, Inc. They want a person who can work well with the other department bosses to meet goals. Can make and help in design in cad, and travel to work on machines, also help with paperwork. They want people with 5 years’ experience in Rockwell and Allen Bradley (automation) equipment, and 2 years in AutoCAD which is a drafting program. The want a 2-year college degree like an associates or enough work to justify knowledge. Able to read electrical schematics, also have production experience. I am somewhat qualified for this position as I know AutoCAD and both of the automation companies by working on them, but I do not have enough years to be able to apply. I am graduating with an associates this year so I fill that area of need, as for doing field work I do not have enough experience yet to be an asset alone. I would need to shadow someone for a while to see the kind of things we are fixing. I can read schematics and do paper work that is not a problem, although it may be a problem depending on the type of systems they use. So, I would need to work a few more years in the field to be up to their expectation of the employee they are searching for.

The second job that I found is on https://www.linkedin.com, working as an Robotics and Automation – Research Analyst in Boston. Their job description wants someone that knows automated systems like robotics, but not to work on more to socialize with companies about them. They want someone you can judge what is going to bring value or danger to the table for their customers. And whoever is hired may have to speak at conventions about what’s emerging in the field. Some of the specifications that they want are being able to talk to upper management in big companies, also working with people from all over the world doing research. You need to be able to create an impactful presentation on new technology from your research, also do a backup drawing for a patent if needed. Create a friendship with all leaders in the new technology field but be open to learn other fields that are needed. They want 2-4 years of school or career knowledge from you, be able to think on your feet and be organized. They prefer a PhD, masters, or bachelors in engineering. I am not qualified for this job but I think I would thrive in it as I love learning new things and have always been a good seller. I would need more schooling if they really want a bachelor but I think for that learning what is good and bad would not be that hard. I have done a speech class so I think that I could do the presentations that they are wanting and more. But what I do have is 2 years of knowledge about the field between working and school you could say 3 years. But in the end I would need more training to get to the degree level they want like more programming classes.

The third and final job that I found is from https://www.simplyhired.com and this is a Automation’s Robotics Tech the company is Premiere Solutions – Cullman, AL. The want someone that has an associate’s degree in automation or has 3-5 years’ work knowledge. They want a programmer for their automation equipment, and need someone that can be a multi position person that can weld but also troubleshoot plc programs. Knows how to input and program into the robots as well as knowing electrical schematics well enough to correct them if needed. I Think I am very qualified for this position as I have done all of these things in the field and in school. I can integrate what I know very well into what they are asking and I will only grow and get better as I go along. I already have a year and a half of experience with production automation equipment with install to just replacing parts.

I think that I can market my skills in the job market at this time because I did internships while in school to learn even more. But in my opinion in any job that you get you need to keep learning to keep up with the new things that are coming in to the world. And with the skills that I am gaining from college, I don’t have to worry like some about robots or automation taking over my job because I work on them and this field is on the rise.

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