My Best Two Different Fiends

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Friends play an important role in our life. They encourage when one is sad, they entertain when we are alone and they listen to us when we have problems. I feel very fortunate to have my two best friends Elizabeth and Leslie, each one is special for me and at the same time each one is completely different from the other. Having two best friends with different lifestyles, dreams and goals in life and different personalities have really taught me a lot and I have learned a lot from them. Friends come in different shapes and sizes and no two are the alike.

The biggest difference between Elizabeth and Leslie is their personality, and this is really obvious just by looking at them. Leslie is a person of good humor and sociable. With her sympathy she makes everyone like her. I really like talking to Leslie, she always tells funny stories to make me smile. She likes to meet new people every time, she is a social person who enjoys helping everyone around her. In contrast, Elizabeth is not so friendly, she is a strict person, very quiet and shy. She prefers not to socialize around a crowd of people she does not know. That’s why Elizabeth does not have many friends, and not everyone jokes with her for her strictness.

Another difference between my friends is their goals and dreams in life. Elizabeth always dreamed of studying in college, in high school she always does everything possible to learn well and take the best grades to make her dream come true. Eliza, as I call her, has always liked having a normal life and, about her economy, prefers to have a less risky and more stable life. She went to college and became a brilliant engineer. Since she graduated, she has been working in the same company, despite receiving other job offers. In that company, she feels calm and secure.

Leslie has always thought completely different from Elizabeth about her goals and dreams in life. Leslie has always said that she does not need to study at the University to fulfill her dreams and achieve goals. She has always been a very risky person, without fear of having a less stable home economy. He has always liked to invest and do business without fear of losing. She is what I call a “warrior” without fear of anything. A few months ago, she opened her own transport company.

In terms of lifestyles, it’s another point where my friends differ completely. Elizabeth, since I’ve known her, has always been very lazy and sedentary, I think she has never visited a gym in her life and you can never talk to her about diet because she really enjoys eating everything, she loves food. Elizabeth enjoys the tranquility, that’s why she lives far from the city, away from the crowd. Leslie, on the other hand, is the most active person I have ever met in my life. There is not a day when Leslie skips the gym, every weekend she plans an outdoor sports activity, her favorite is riding a bicycle.

His diet is very rigorous, the appearance of his body has always been his biggest concern. I call her “my metropolitan girl”, she lives in the busiest place in the city, surrounded by a lot of noise and people, but that’s what she enjoys.

My two best friends and I are opposites, but we fit well together because we have something that the other does not have. As with magnetic fields, people are attracted to those who have trails they believe are missing in themselves. Each of my friends has her own personality, lifestyle and dreams, but both are wonderful friends. The three of us are different, that’s why we learn from each one and we bring out the best of each other.

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