Multi-Genre Magazine Article Hudson Heaton

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Long hallways and nice furniture are presented while you walk along the fur carpet. The hallway leads up to one big door. The door is wood and has engravings on it. People surround you for protection. Inside you see the American flag a desk. Work is piled on the desk to the roof. The floor is spotless while you walk on it. You go outside to catch some air. You hear the crowd of people outside the metal gates. A barrier that separates you from the people outside. When you go back inside you are greeted nicely, and asked a question.

“Would you like anything sir”

You say no because you have accomplished your biggest dream and all you need (being the sixteenth President of the United States.)

Abraham Lincoln-named after his grandfather- was born on February 12, 1809. He was born in the winter woods of Kentucky. Abraham’s father was Thomas and his mother was Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Abraham also had a sister Sarah (the two loved hanging out with each other.)

When Lincoln’s mom died the family moved to Indiana. There Abraham worked outside a lot. When he got any time to study, or go to school he made it last. To get to school it was difficult. The two had to walk miles in the trees.

When Abraham Lincoln was fifteen he had only had 1 month of schooling. Although he hadn’t had much time to go to school he used his studying time to learn more. His neighbors even asked him to write letters for them. Abraham loved many books that helped his writing ability. Dome of these books included Aesop’s Fables and Robinson Crusoe. He also enjoyed wrestling as a teenager.

After have so much ‘‘fun’’ as a kid/teenager it came time for Abraham to get a job, and buy a house to live in. At his first job Albert was earning roughly $6.00 a month (as a sailor.) While growing older Alberts sister was as well. Sarah had married her husband and moved away from Indiana.

There he began a passion for law. He began studying and attending court regularly. As a result, he ran for legislature. He campaigned to change the New Salem River and grow a reputation for himself. He lost, and had to get another job to pay off his debts. Abraham began a partner in owning a general store. Most of his time he spent studying, but this didn’t help the shop. The shop closed, but this became a good opportunity to find a job he loved. He lucked out and became a country surveyor as well as a postmaster in 183. After working hard every day Abraham payed off his debts. Now he ran for legislature again. This time he won, and was named state-legislature in August 4, 1834. He had many opinions as legislature. He had another challenge ahead of him. Another person had become state legislature (John Todd.) Slaves were fighting others for freedom, and this definitely didn’t help Lincoln fight for freedom of all slaves. Lincoln one of three voted against slavery.

Lincoln debated about the huge problem of slavery, and a lot of the time debated about it with Stephen Douglas. Lincoln started to make a name for himself. Especially started to get the attention of the Republican Party. With the help and support of others Lincoln thought he should be a higher rank. He had won! Abraham Lincoln won the party’s presidential nomination. The young hard worker had finally began the 16 president in 1861!

Abraham Lincoln continued working towards freedom of others. Many people disagreed with Abrahams opinion on what needs to happen about slavery. Many states were joining the confederacy which was very bad for Abraham. Abraham would not let the other states join the other slave states. This is what started the Civil War. Abraham didn’t give up, but only built the Republican Party bigger than it had been. It was looking near impossible to free slaves, but Abraham had an idea. He needed to make an offer, but he needed it to look like it wasn’t a last dying hope. Many fights were lost, but one as big was one. Now Abraham would introduce the Emancipation Proclamation. This freed many slaves all over the United States. Lincoln had finally brought an end to the war!

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