Most Commonly Abused Drugs

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Marijuana is a commonly abused drug that is illegal in the USA. Most people that will abuse marijuana, normally they don’t know what marijuana can do to their body. Abusing Marijuana can cause trouble with your thinking, learning, problem-solving and have memory problems. You can take medicine to help calm your symptoms of withdrawal. You should always rest during treatment and you should talk with a therapist.

Alcohol is a legal drug but you have to be in the age limit. It is also very commonly abused. When your abuse for alcohol goes up, it makes your emotions seem stronger and weaken your judgment on things. If you keep up this pattern for a longer period of time, you will go on the path to alcoholism.

Cocaine is another illegal drug, but sadly it is very commonly abused. Abusing Cocaine can lead to addiction, health problems, and even your death. According to drugabuse.com/most-abused-drugs “Many cocaine abusers report being trapped in a vicious cycle of increased cocaine abuse in failed attempts to recreate the pleasurable sensations of their first exposure to cocaine.” The addiction is hard to break and they take more and more every time to get the effects to the first time.

Heroin is a drug like cocaine. Illegal but still very commonly abused. The amounts of overdose are growing and growing. Heroin is extremely addictive and the addiction to heroin is one of the hardest addictions to break. It will affect the user and their society heavily. Deaths that are connected to heroin are pretty common. All addictions need to be treated, they could become dangerous.

Valium is a drug that needs to be prescribed by your doctor. If not then it will be considered illegal. If you take valium over a long period of time, it will lead you to the tolerance of the drug. When this happens, you will need more of the drug to make it the same as before. Valium abuse can lead to a physical dependence which means that the withdrawal will happen. If you stop abusing valium suddenly it can be very dangerous.

Percocet is another drug like valium. You need it to be prescribed or else it is illegal. If you start abusing Percocet, you could get a physical dependence or an addiction to it. Some people will try to increase the effects of the drug. If they try to increase it by too much, they could get an overdose.

Prescription drugs are also commonly abused. Some people will abuse them even without their prescription from a doctor. You could develop a physical dependence for the drug, which sometimes you can’t avoid. It will start when they find the drug and start taking it. THen they start to have higher doses until their body adjusts to having the drug. Then they will need an unbelievable amount of the drug.

Steroids are also commonly abused. Short term effects of abuse are building muscles and improving athletic performance. If you continue to abuse the drug than you could develop kidney damage or failure, liver damage, high blood pressure, aggression, extreme mood swings, anger, extreme irritability, and many more problems that need to be treated.

Lastly, Tobacco is commonly abused too. It is a very common drug showed mostly in cigarettes. If abused you could increase your blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate. If continued for a longer period of time you could develop types of illnesses, diseases, and cancer. You should get help immediately if you are abusing tobacco. So those are the most commonly abused drugs.

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