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Everybody understands that life happens, or so I believe they do. There are times when life becomes extremely overwhelming and you find yourself needing the help of others. Ryland is at the point where he needs the help and understanding of others. Why does the physics teacher not help Ryland by tutoring him or allowing…


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You Have Been Warned: the Pitfalls of Sacrificing Too Much for Ivy League Admission

As I type this essay. I cannot help but feel disconnected from the words that appear on this page. I have never felt much emotional connection to anything as a matter of fact. I have said goodbye to things that had brought mejoy. but would appear ‘inadeqnale‘ in the sight of college admissions officers, and…

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The Ivy League Study

While these changes experienced have been proven to be successful at the collegiate level, the same cannot be said when it comes to the professional athletes in the NFL. Even though changes have taken place with NFL kickoff rules, stemming from the successful study from the Ivy League, the NFL is witnessing different effects. Concussions…


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Prestigious Ivy League University

The movie Dear White People is based on three college students whom are trying to figure out who they are while facing life challenges on a daily basic. The movie challenge black and white students to defend themselves and to fight for their race and culture. The movie presents three students which are the main…


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