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Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Emerging Adults

Introduction Studying the impact sleep, or rather a lack of sleep, will have on the development of college students in the cognitive, emotional, social, and physiological development domain. Emerging adulthood – in between phase between adolescence and early adulthood. Sleep is a critical aspect of life – right amount of sleep shapes life as students…

Emerging Adulthood,

Sleep Deprivation

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Issue of Emerging Adulthood Substance Abuse

Emerging adulthood is the stage in life where a person starts having more responsibilities. Depression is very predominant with all of the responsibilities that come in this stage. This responsibilities are what will make them turn into the adult they want to become. They need to go to college and work hard for whatever path…

Emerging Adulthood,

Human Development,

Substance Abuse

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Emerging Adulthood in Foster Families

My study will focus on how the lack of social support from foster parents and social workers affects a child’s long-term growth. My study will use a developmental theory, Jeffery Arnett’s emerging adulthood theory. Arnett (2011) points out the need for a new psychosocial stage in Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development due to recent trends…

Child Development,

Emerging Adulthood

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The Developmental Analysis of an Emerging Adult

As an individual grows, many factors play a critical role in their development. To take a closer look into what plays a role into the changes observed, Delayni, a 21-year old student, will be examined. Overall, this analysis will include an overview of her physical, cognitive, and social development, and how certain aspects of her…

Emerging Adulthood,

Human Development

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My Lifespan Development from Emerging Adulthood till Late Adulthood

During my emerging adulthood years, I made the decision to get a college degree and stayed close friends with Alex and made a new friend in college, Sarah. I also exercised and ate well and consulted with a doctor every now and again. I believe these choices made the most impact on my life. I…


Emerging Adulthood

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