Drug Abuse Among Young People

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Drug abuse among young people in the united states seems to be in a constant rise, which could have been brought about by different elements. In this case, peer pressure and popular culture has contributed a lot to drug abuse, especially among teenagers. Due to this, there always are cases of the teenagers breaking the law on numerous accounts with some of the issues being charged with being minor crimes, while at instances, they go to the extent of committing worse crimes such as murder. This, therefore, explains why there are a lot of young people in juvenile detention centers, and the numbers keep rising every year. However, even though there is no particular remedy for juvenile delinquency, what the society can do to reduce its severity is to find better means which would curb the usage of drugs.

This paper will explore juvenile delinquency based on an article in which Stephen T. Badin High School devised a means to deal with juvenile delinquency by attempting to control the usage of drugs by the students. To accomplish their aim towards getting rid of the usage of drugs, the school came up with a new policy that would allow them to test the students for drugs at least once in a year (Taylor, 2019). Moreover, in the case that a student tests positive for drugs in the first test, they do not consider any disciplinary measures. However, if the students test positive for the second time, the school considers the option of suspension, and if the cases exceed two, then the school is forced to expel the students (Taylor, 2019). However, there are no legal implications in this policy since, being a private school, they are within their legal boundaries to set this policy. However, the only legal problems that this policy might encounter would only be the possibility that the school might show a form of discrimination regarding the people who are tested and their respective punishments.

However, even though the school might reduce drug abuse in terms of students, it is still unclear that the law policy would curb the usage of drugs among school attending children. This is because, even though the policy is a good step towards addressing the issue of juvenile delinquency, the policy might not sit well with the students or their parents due to different reasons. Due to this, there might be cases of dropouts that could end catastrophically. Moreover, getting expelled for drug abuse would become another rising issue that would most likely send the students back to the streets where they could be subjected to the world of crime. In this context, I think that the best way to handle this situation is mainly counseling since it is not as harsh as suspensions and expulsions. This is primarily because counseling can help the students deal with their issues without turning to drugs and also help in reforming those who already use drugs. As such, the students would have the chance to save their studies and, therefore, reduce the number of people going to juvenile prisons.

In conclusion, the issue of drug abuse in school-going children, even though it keeps rising, can be slowed down by setting policies that are not too harsh for students to the point that they consider dropping out of school. Such options include counseling, which can help the students significantly since it would provide them with a platform to address all their issues and get good advice. Moreover, even though the policy put in place by Stephen T. Badin High School does not explain the extent of the expected changes that it might bring with it, it is still a good option as compared to doing nothing.

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What age group has the highest rate of drug abuse?
According to statistics, young adults between the ages of 18-25 have the highest rate of drug abuse. This age group is more likely to experiment with drugs and engage in risky behaviors.
What are the causes of drug abuse among youth?
There is no one answer to this question as there are many different factors that can contribute to drug abuse among youth. However, some common reasons why young people might start using drugs can include peer pressure, curiosity, boredom, or a need to escape from problems in their life.
What are the three major influences on teenage drug use?
The three major influences on teenage drug use are family, friends, and the media.
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