Benefits of Using Facebook

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Facebook APK is the similar app to its orignal browser with some new updates. One thing is you can’t play facebook games in this version. Upload and share your happy memories, photos, videos, and stay connected with your family and friends anytime anywhere.

Sign up your favourite famous personalities around a the world and get informed about them. You can know any type of trend, fashion, sports, politics, music, movies and much more. A poular social network which help you to write on your timelina, like posts, browse people as well as edit your profile and groups.

Easy and Fast Connection

Facebook is the fastest way of getting information. You can learn about anything you want just clicking your Facebook icon. The best platform from where you can keep in touch with your loved ones.

Facebook Pages

The app arranges pages of famous celeberties such as actors, sporters, TV shows, movies and much more for you to join them as a fan. Users can also organize their own group pages for sharing same information.

Use of Small Apps

Facebook offers multiple small apps for users to play online, exchange gifts, sending postcards, solving quizzes and a lot.

Share Everything

Share everything direct from your Android. Upload photos or videos straight from your smartphone’s camera onto your Facebook account.

Get Notifications

Write on your timeline your own articles or upload your favourite moments and get notifications of liking and comments from your friends.

Follow Someone You Like

Facebook arrages pages of famous celeberties for its users to follow them as fan and get information about their latest activities.

Business Dealings

Facebook is the popular social network which enables you to introduce your business, attract clients, and spread your business internationally.

Privacy and Security

You can configure your privacy through creating groups. Thus you can control over who sees your personal information.

Social Events

Find information about locally based social events. And stay connected with your locality. This will help you to buy or sell anything easily.

Main Features

  • Popular social media network
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends
  • Enlarge your business community
  • Be informed about local events
  • Use small apps to play games online
  • Create Facebook pages as well as follow other pages
  • Share your photos and videos
  • Easy and fast connection

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