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The Main Romantic Scene of Titanic

In this particular scene, it only focused on the two main characters. The framing or positioning of Jack and Rose is located quite on the left side. The director or the movie producer did that for the watchers to in any case observe the astounding excellence of the sunset. They utilized this sort of set-…




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Statistics of People on Board the Titanic

Approximately 800,000 years ago, the first sea-worthy boats were erected by numerous Homo Erectus tribes scattered amongst Tropical Rainforests in Southeast Asia. These Pre- Historic rafts which were woven together through local plants for concepts and languages to travel and form new transportation systems. However, these primitive expeditions would expand in their respective technology and…




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Events That Negatively Affected the Late 1800S and Early 1900S

During the late 1800s and early 1900s several major tragic events occurred which negatively impacted the times and caused a great number of deaths. One such tragedy was the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which resulted in a densely populated area built with highly combustible area. Another such tragedy made exponentially worse by the failure…




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Estate of Hans Jensen vs. The White Star Line After the Titanic Disaster

On April 14, 1912, 4 days into the Titanic’s voyage, the passenger ship struck an iceberg on the coast of Newfoundland at 11:40 pm and officially sunk at 2:20 am. The sinking of the ship took the life of Carla’s Jensen’s fiance, Hans Peder Jensen, and 1522 others and believe The White Star Line was…




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