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The Important Life Lessons in the Short Story Cyclops by David Sedaris

All parents have tricks up their sleeves that they use to teach their children important life lessons. David Sedaris, in his short story “Cyclops”, tells of his father’s method of teaching him and his siblings to be careful in life. His father used made up stories about his own childhood to teach his children to…

David Sedaris

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A Review of David Sedaris Jesus Shaves and Raymond Carvers Cathedral

I am choosing to write about the story Jesus Shaves by David Sedaris, I think that the theme could be that it is hard to hear other peoples thoughts or beliefs and actually think they make sense. When the class begins to talk about Easter that is when the differences start to show because of…

David Sedaris

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David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty Analysis Essay

Part one of David Sedaris’ collection of essays details the parts of his childhood leading up to the point before the author first moves to france with his partner. The collection Initially introduces the author in his childhood. David was in 5th grade when he was recommended for speech therapy by his teachers for his…

David Sedaris

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Cyclops by David Sedaris Book Summary

Aging: In the short story Cyclops, Sedaris’ father tells him about stories from “his childhood”… But, David Sedaris soon finds out that all the stories were a lie and his father was just trying to teach his children to be careful in life. The children did learn how to be vigilant, however, they grew up…

Book Summary,

David Sedaris

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