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The Interaction of Human Nature and Capitalism in Shaping Culture

Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia and Lucy Prebble’s Enron both examine the progression and the ramifications of society within a capitalist system. In the former, Le Guin portrays two seemingly utopic societies—the capitalist Urras and the Odionian experiment of anarachism and communism, Anarres—to demonstrate how communities of pure individualism and pure…


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Human rights

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Strengthening American Exceptionalism Through Peaceful Revolution

International Setting: The general supremacy of Europe’s Old Order was replaced by liberal nationalism following state-building projects in Germany and Italy (Kelly 436).  Confederate leaders utilized the rhetoric of European national self-determination, paralleling that southern whites with Hungarian and Italian nationalists who escaped the Hapsburg monarchy – both were characterized as distinct national minorities oppressed…

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Is the United States of America an Empire?

Before answering this question, I know that a huge number of Americans would cringe at the very idea that the United States is an empire, or anything involving the concept of Imperialism. Americans, after all, in general, have a distaste for Realpolitik. However, the reality is that the word ’empire’ does not connote anything negative….

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United States

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