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Positive and Negative Influence Of Political Parties Alexander Hamilton

I will talk about these five major political parties: Federalist, Democratic-Republicans, Democrats, Whigs and Republicans. The first party I will talk about is the federalist party. The Federalist Party was founded in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton. The Federalist Party was one of the first political parties in the United States. It did not survive long,…

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United States

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Main Character Alexander Hamilton

In this melodic Hamilton, there are different of things that they did in 70s and 18 hundred that we don’t do now. This melodic happened in New York city in the midst of the American bombshell. In this substance the basic character work is Alexander Hamilton he is essential is the rule whiz. He has…


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James Madison and Alexander Hamilton as Two of Americas Founding Fathers

James Madison was one of the American statesmen and founding fathers. He served as the American president from 1809 to 1817. He played a major role in the promotion of the American bill of rights and the conceptualization of the American constitution (Wikipedia). His major contribution to the politics of America was driven by the…

Alexander Hamilton

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