Collaborative Group Organization and Dynamics

Updated May 2, 2022

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Collaborative Group Organization and Dynamics essay

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As a team of 20 in my department, for example, the most crucial component of a successful and productive group is starting with great leadership to form a robust system, which entails effective communication, especially since processes are always changing due to new or revised regulations. Having a strong system and effective communication is crucial in our department since changes occur on an ongoing basis because of new technologies or new or revised regulations. When group members listen to each other, it shows respect, which is essential to the trust-building method (Holt, n.d).

Bass (2018) stated that group members that communicate would complete projects quicker, efficient, and accurate. Most importantly, effective communication will allow group members to understand their roles as well as everyone else on the team (Bass, 2018). Therefore, lack of communication can cause our department to get penalized for not following the proper procedures meeting guidelines. Failure to communicate can lead to not developing the appropriate up to date guidelines and can lead to miscommunication on our daily processes, which can also affect other departments. Having our team huddles is a way that allows us to communicate efficiently about current tasks and new or revised regulations or setting group rules, as well as any new implementations. It will enable the team to be on the same page and the expectations to be clear, as well as discussing any concerns or confusion. Most importantly, setting clear goals so that everyone will have a full understanding of any updated processes.

To organize the group to meet the components mentioned in #1, leadership has a significant impact on the process of building a reliable system to collaborate efficiently to complete tasks on time and effective communication. Our team feels more comfortable offering suggestions and ideas for the team to work. Having our updated processes saved in Microsoft Oneone allows the team to review any steps in need of confirming to complete the task at hand. Lastly, ineffective leadership may also become a hindrance to the success of the group work since leaders fail to manage their team well.

Working in my department can be challenging at times, specifically since there are always new rules implemented. If any of the teammates are not working effectively, it harms the department’s progress and success. Secondly, having other teammates correcting errors, forcing other teammates to take on an additional task not assigned to them (Nguyen, 2010).

A conflict resolution process I would propose to ensure the essential components are practical and efficient is to conduct a team meeting to avoid miscommunications for any new or revised regulations or setting group rules, as well as any new implementations. It will enable the team to be on the same page and the expectations to be precise.


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Collaborative Group Organization and Dynamics essay

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